I’m a loner but never lonely

I was born in Sunderland. Saturday 7th July 1962. I lived in my grandparents house in Cooper Street until I was 1.

Then we moved to Southwick in Sunderland. Cato Square. Don’t even think it exists anymore.

At about 9 years old we moved to Barmston in Washington. During that time Washington really was a New Town! Lots of green space between it and Sunderland. No Nissan getting in the way!

I used to go out exploring at weekends and all school holidays. It was a fantastic time. I used to explore the area between Barmston and what was Sunderland Airport (now Nissan).

There were 3 main areas if I recall.

Barmston Pond.

Some ‘Pill Box’

And ‘The Black Forest’.

When Sunderland air show was on I’d lie on the pill box and watch the planes.

If I felt brave I’d venture into the Black Forest but mostly…

I’d lie on my back on a mound near Barmston Pond and just watch and listen to the skylarks. All day, every day. I loved it…

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