Great How

Had a nice little jaunt up Great How on Sunday 27th May. Started off from the car park at the North Western end of Thirlemere – it transpires United Utilities in all their wisdom have decided it would be most helpful to relieve us of £4.50 prior to setting off walking – that car park has been free for as long as I’ve been going there (since 1984).

It was a hot day, about 27 degrees C…The walk was made a little more difficult as I was testing out my new Berghaus Verden rucksack – carrying all my usual kit plus my Benbo Trekker Tripod and other photographic equipment.


Got to the modest top of Great How after about 40 minutes – there was a great view to be had…


I had to wear my hat on account of the sun beating down in my bald head …I don’t look good in hats…


In fact I don’t look good in anything !


All in all, had a brilliant little walk and field test of the new rucksack !

Well recommended!