Raising funds for the North West Air Ambulance

The company I work for (CDL) have chosen the North West Air Ambulance as their new chosen charity.

Every day of the year the North West Air Ambulance Charity operates two helicopters that fly to people with life-threatening injuries or illnesses and to places that normal ambulances cannot reach. They receive almost no mainstream funding and costs over £4.2 million a year to keep flying and saving lives. That means they need our help.


CDL’s first fund raising event will be entering a team into the BUPA Great Manchester Run on 18th May. It’s Europe’s biggest 10k.

Rather foolishly, I’ve said I’ll get involved, and I’m no runner! I did do the Great North Run back in 1984, don’t think I’ve ran since!

Anyway, I’m up for the challenge, so will need to start training….hard….

So…it would be great if we could keep this chap happy…


I’m raising funds through Just Giving…

The link is here to our team page…


I’d really appreciate any donations…and I’ll keep you all informed of my training progress!

UPDATE 1st March 2014:
Went out for a quick little shuffle along the beach when I was staying in Seahouses last week and an old injury of 20 years has resurfaced. Back in the 90’s I used to work for The Kellogg Company Of Great Britain. They had their own little gym. I went on the running machine once and strained my Achilles Tendon on my left ankle, very painful. I’ve had physio etc. however it’s come and gone over the years. Usually only lasting a few days. It’s now been niggling me for about a week, and is impeding my training progress. Watch this space!

Thank you.