Fitness / Diet / Weight Goals

I used to be a keen ‘non-competitive’ bodybuilder in my twenties and thirties….

Then, like a lot of people, family and careers grab your focus….the training frequency reduced and the calorific intake increased…

Here I am, just turned 50, and, whilst still quite strong, I am quite (very) overweight.

I’m 5’6” and weigh 237lbs (16st 13lbs).

I’ve set myself a goal to be 12st 7lbs (175lbs) and will be using an iPhone app and to help me do this.

I’ll have a badge on this site tracking my weight loss…

Wish me luck ! (luck is for the ill prepared 🙂 )

Created by MyFitnessPal – Nutrition Facts For Foods

I’ve started taking Creatine – only tried it once before a few years ago and all I seemed to get then was kidney pains – yikes.

Anyway, I need a little boost so I’ll try it again and up the fluid intake.

Start eating really clean from Monday – no processed foods, mainly Eggs, Protein Shakes, Fish, Chicken, Rice, Pasta and vegetables.

Also going to start doing some Cardio – never been a great fan but it has to be done!