We all have challenges at times motivating ourselves to go to the gym….

We all have challenges at times motivating ourselves to go to the gym….

However, some have greater challenges than others….check out John Riccio…



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Fitness / Diet / Weight Goals

I used to be a keen ‘non-competitive’ bodybuilder in my twenties and thirties….

Then, like a lot of people, family and careers grab your focus….the training frequency reduced and the calorific intake increased…

Here I am, just turned 50, and, whilst still quite strong, I am quite (very) overweight.

I’m 5’6” and weigh 237lbs (16st 13lbs).

I’ve set myself a goal to be 12st 7lbs (175lbs) and will be using an iPhone app and http://www.myfitnesspal.com/ to help me do this.

I’ll have a badge on this site tracking my weight loss…

Wish me luck ! (luck is for the ill prepared 🙂 )

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I’ve started taking Creatine – only tried it once before a few years ago and all I seemed to get then was kidney pains – yikes.

Anyway, I need a little boost so I’ll try it again and up the fluid intake.

Start eating really clean from Monday – no processed foods, mainly Eggs, Protein Shakes, Fish, Chicken, Rice, Pasta and vegetables.

Also going to start doing some Cardio – never been a great fan but it has to be done!