Photographers – back up your data

Firstly, I must apologise for the quality of the images, I snapped them on my iPhone.

A disk has two states, Waiting To Fail or Failed…

I keep my data on separate NAS devices, all of which are backed up.

For Documents, Spreadsheets, Accounting data etc. I use a Buffalo Tera Station. 4 disk volumes in a RAID5 configuration.

I perform the following backups every night.

Onto a USB disk (USB1) – I perform a FULL backup, i.e. backup EVERYTHING.

Onto a USB disk (USB2) – I perform a DIFFERENTIAL backup, i.e. ANYTHING that has changed since the last DIFFERENTIAL.

I have a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) that invokes a graceful shutdown of the NAS device in the event of a power failure.

Sat on top of that I have an LG NAS device configured as RAID1. On this I keep video source files from my DSLR and Panasonic FZ38. It also has a built in Blu-Ray burner for archiving / backup purposes.

I have another NAS device, a LinkStation, which I use for storing my image data.

I have two USB devices connected to that. USB1 backups up my personal images, USB2 backs up files for:

Storm Imaging Photography

For commercial shoots (Weddings and Portraits) I always back up the data to DVD, I make 2 copies, one copy I keep in a container in my loft, the other is stored in an off site location.

Information about RAID configurations…

Once again, sorry for the quality of the images….

Update – the primary NAS has failed and I cannot see the backup devices. Currently all my image data is inaccessible!

I can get the device into EM mode and can ping the default IP of however the Flash Updater cannot see the device, which is currently a brick.