The Smiths

I’m sure it was about 1984. Maybe on the John Peel show, I first heard The Smiths. I rushed to The Eldon Centre and HMV to buy the album the next day.

I was a naive not very well travelled Mackem. Fit meant you could run the 100 metres in less than 11 seconds. Wally Range was an estate that thickos lived.,,

I saw The Smiths twice at Newcastle Mayfair, well, once really, punk hadn’t ‘officially’ finished so spitting was the order of the day…On my second concert someone spat at Morrissey . He said if anyone spits again he’ll leave the stage. 0.002 seconds later. Yep…you’ve guessed it…

I then moved to Bolton and worked in Manchester in 1988. I eventually got my head around the vocabulary – fit had nothing to do with your bench pressing ability.

The poetry of Morrissey sings to me. I know it’s not for everyone.

I’ll never stop admiring and liking him…


Redundancies and Unemployment

I think the U.K. is a little bit mad. We’re making thousands of soldiers redundant and paying others to sit on their backsides at home.
Why don’t we give unemployed 18-25 year olds the option of 2 years National Service or 2 years ‘Civil Service’ (filling in pot holes, picking up litter, taking care of the elderly etc.) Give them a slightly enhanced payment – tax payers get something for their money, the candidates gain work experience and life experience?
Please feel free to add your comments…