What I carry when outdoors

When going for a ramble or a more serious walk I tend to carry the same things in my rucksack.

I’ve always used ‘mental systems’ so that I remember things. For the great outdoors it’s:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Shelter
  • Communication
  • Navigation
  • Emergency
  • Photographic

Let me break that down for you.


Pasties, sandwiches, fruit, nuts, chocolate.


Plain water to make a brew with the Jetboil and some diluted squash. Occasionally a bottle of beer for summit celebrations!


Thermal smock, waterproof, hat (baseball and woollen cap), gloves.


iPhone. Very occasionally Motorola Radios if there’s more than just me.


Map, compass, GPS (Satmap Active 10 and mapping app on iPhone). Route card. Occasionally guide book.


Petzl head torch, Leatherman, whistle, lighter (Zippo).


CCS camera bag or Lowe Pro depending if more than one lens is taken. Camera, spare batteries and CF Cards. Cleaning cloth and blower brush. Remote release. Tripod (Benbo Trekker or Manfrotto).


I’ve just ordered a new rucksack…a black version of the Berghaus Ridgeway…I’ll keep you  informed…


Berghaus Crusader Rucksack

I bought one of these rucksacks back in 1991.  It’s been brilliant and served me well for over 20 years…however, it’s getting a little tired now so it’s time for a refresh.

Here I am using it whilst on a walk looking over Beinne Eighe in Torridon.  It was a very hot and sweaty day!



Think I’ll treat myself to a new one…




They are available here…


Well, it turns out they are not available, at least not in my size, and haven’t been for some time. I did notice that even Berghaus don’t have availability!


UPDATE! – 14 Oct 2015

My wife finally succumbed to my moans for a new rucksack and bought me the new Crusader, it’s fabulous and I can’t wait to take it out for it’s field test.  One thing I did notice was that the new version doesn’t have external compression straps like the old one, therefore making it slightly challenging to attach my tripod to the side of the bag, however, I’ve found an innovative solution.  My tripod is the Manfrotto 190XPROB CF with the 410 Geared Head….


190CXPRO3_full_250 10890


I’ve found that I can remove the centre column quite easily and store both the tripod legs and the centre column / head as two separate items in the hydration compartment of the sack. (I don’t use bladders, I’m a stickler for Sigg water bottles).

Sigg Traveller Red 1 Litre

So…I’ll keep you all updated as to how I’m getting on with the new sack…I’m optimistic as the last one served me very well for many many years…