Mummy’s working today

Mummy is working today, which means I’m looking after Frank.


He’s a lovely boy but can be demanding!


I guess I’ll be spending hours and hours in Tesco, Toys-R-Us and Smyths toys looking for more ‘Trash Packs’…


Then, when we get back home I’ll have to endure at least 3 viewings of ‘Octonauts’…


Wish me luck…

“The Pet”

It’s my son Frank’s 5th birthday soon.


It doesn’t seem like 5 minutes since he was born…


He wants a pet for his birthday, however he was struggling between a Hamster, a Parrot or a Guinea Pig.

I’ve explained we can’t get any ‘livestock’ until we return from our holidays as we’d have to find ‘Pet Sitters’, however, at Franks School they have ‘Birthday Assembly’ so he has to take something to school to show everyone his birthday gift.


Today, Frank has decided he’d like a Guinea Pig as a pet (which could all change in the coming few weeks).

In preparation and also so that he can show the photo of his gift to school he’s bought a Guinea Pig cage…


Which could be a complete waste of time and money if he subsequently decided he wants more fish !


Watch this space for updates…

We have an update – we have two female Guinea Pigs. ‘Poppy’ and ‘Caramel’.

I’ve just finished building them a nice little run so they can play in the garden…