Arnold Schwarzenegger – Total Recall

Just finished this book…


I really enjoyed it, especially the parts concerning his youth, background and his bodybuilding career.


The political aspects weren’t as interesting to me. I’m not that much into politics, and certainly not American politics.


His confession about his affair takes up a couple of pages, then he writes about his return to movie making.


As we all knew “He’ll be back!”

All in all 7/10.

What to read next?

Been reading ‘Task Force Black’ for ages now – I usually enjoy military books and did enjoy ‘Big Boys Rules’ by Mark Urban a while ago, however, there is a lot of ‘politicking’ in this book over ‘action’…finished it now though…20111126-121938.jpg

So, what to read next?
‘A Sense Of An Ending’ by Julian Barnes…

Or, ‘Mapping The Mind’ by Rita Carter…?

I’m lucky to have such a wide choice in my ‘library’…


Update : Sunday 27 November:

Have decided to start ‘The Sense Of An Ending’…