Raising funds for the North West Air Ambulance

The company I work for (CDL) have chosen the North West Air Ambulance as their new chosen charity.

Every day of the year the North West Air Ambulance Charity operates two helicopters that fly to people with life-threatening injuries or illnesses and to places that normal ambulances cannot reach. They receive almost no mainstream funding and costs over £4.2 million a year to keep flying and saving lives. That means they need our help.


CDL’s first fund raising event will be entering a team into the BUPA Great Manchester Run on 18th May. It’s Europe’s biggest 10k.

Rather foolishly, I’ve said I’ll get involved, and I’m no runner! I did do the Great North Run back in 1984, don’t think I’ve ran since!

Anyway, I’m up for the challenge, so will need to start training….hard….

So…it would be great if we could keep this chap happy…


I’m raising funds through Just Giving…

The link is here to our team page…


I’d really appreciate any donations…and I’ll keep you all informed of my training progress!

UPDATE 1st March 2014:
Went out for a quick little shuffle along the beach when I was staying in Seahouses last week and an old injury of 20 years has resurfaced. Back in the 90’s I used to work for The Kellogg Company Of Great Britain. They had their own little gym. I went on the running machine once and strained my Achilles Tendon on my left ankle, very painful. I’ve had physio etc. however it’s come and gone over the years. Usually only lasting a few days. It’s now been niggling me for about a week, and is impeding my training progress. Watch this space!

Thank you.

Sergeant Blackman

I posted this on FB.

Before I start I must proclaim that as far as I’m aware no Afghan ever hurt me.

I’m going to sound very naive. Is there a way of getting a message of support to Sergeant Blackman?
Which prison?
How do you contact him etc?
I’m usually quiet on matters such as these – my posts are usually drivel or feeble attempts at humour.
I’d like to be able to express my feelings to him, which may be in line with thousands of others.
It just seems so unfair to serve your country for 15 years in one of the most professional and formidable units in the UK then to be treated like this.
If we don’t want our hero soldiers, airman and sailors killing anyone then stop sending then needlessly to ‘warzones’ and having to fight with one arm behind their backs fighting under silly one sided rules.
If the boot was on the other foot the Afghan guy would be getting a medal.
My stance is this: we need to stop interfering in other countries. Get out. We have no business being there. If you do ‘Cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war’, don’t bitch and moan when it all goes wrong, and certainly don’t persecute those who have done your dirty work.

Got a toothache?

On Friday, a filling I have in one of my rear left molars fell out…just in time for the Bank Holiday.
I wasn’t too bothered about it at first, the only minor inconvenience was bits of food getting trapped in the cavity…
However, on Saturday night the tooth started to throb, despite copious amounts of medicinal whiskey being consumed.
I went to bed about midnight but was awoken by the pain about 5 am.
I ‘tweeted’ about my plight and received many sympathetic replies. One twitter connection, @JeffCMRT suggested using Anbesol (not to be confused with Anusol) so off I trekked to the pharmacy in my local Tesco store. I mentioned my plight and what the recommended treatment was, only to have the rather attractive assistance recommend something slightly different…



I’d never heard of it before, anyway, I used it as directed. “Apply a small amount of gel to the affected tooth”

It tastes much like the taste you experience when the dentist injects you when prepping you for dental work. Instantly – and I mean a very few seconds, the pain subsided, my gum ( and the parts of my mouth local to my cavernous tooth) went a little numb…however, I’ve not felt a thing since!

I must just say, I’m not connected to, or associated in any way to this product, I’m just telling it like it is!

So, if you have a toothache and cannot quickly get to the dentist, why not try Orajel?

The Graffiti On The Train

Oh the graffiti on the train
Oh the graffiti on the train oh no
Rolling in to her life
Oh the graffiti on the train oh

Stepped outside he left his lover sleeping
Rain falls he’s drowning in his secret
Wet streets are quiet as a church hall
Last house where children kick the football
Cross roads his heart is beating faster
Getting close to asking her the question
“Marry me” he wants to paint the words on
The night train he’s hiding with his spray cans
And that is going to ride
When the paint is done and dried oh come on

Oh the graffiti on the train
Oh the graffiti on the train
Oh the graffiti on the train
Oh she’ll never be the same oh no
Rolling in to her life
Oh the graffiti on the train oh

Day breaks as lovely as she wakes up
Sips her cup and dusts her face in make up
Black phone she hears the people whisper
Someone died themselves train has slipped up
Train comes the coach she’s always used to
The doors read a “Marry me I love you”
Heart stops ecstatic and suspicious
She makes the call but he does’nt pick the phone up
The train sped down the line
It was last train he would ride oh no

Oh graffiti on the train
Oh graffiti on the train
Oh graffiti on the train
Oh she will never be the same
Oh god rolling back into her life
Oh graffiti on the train oh


Mummy’s working today

Mummy is working today, which means I’m looking after Frank.


He’s a lovely boy but can be demanding!


I guess I’ll be spending hours and hours in Tesco, Toys-R-Us and Smyths toys looking for more ‘Trash Packs’…


Then, when we get back home I’ll have to endure at least 3 viewings of ‘Octonauts’…


Wish me luck…