She’s Ill

Met my Buddhist friend today on the canal. I was telling him about my recent experiences in my life and without prompting he said to me “She’s ill” (I didn’t tell him my exes name or anything at all, I simply told him what had happened to me) he said “It’s controlling and bullying behaviour, it’s an illness rooted in insecurity” how insightful! And he’s correct. I didn’t tell him my ex was a bully or controlling, I just told him what had happened.

He was simply commenting on the condition.

Funnily enough my wife works for an organisation that according to Glassdoor has a bullying, harassing and controlling culture.

Maybe she just couldn’t leave her work at the office. Who knows?

My new Buddhist friend is so insightful, so calm, non judgemental…and…

He wants to commission me to do a photographic portrait of his life and boat when he returns from India shortly!