Rocky! Rocky!

I think it was about 1982 when a friend recommended a movie to me. That movie was ‘First Blood’. This was my first introduction to the character John Rambo and the actor Sylvester Stallone.



I was soon hooked on the ‘Rocky’ movies. I watched 3 first then 1 and 2.
At that time I was just getting into weight training and had a home gym, this was the poster I had on my wall.


In 1988 I moved to Bolton and started training in a commercial gym. It’s now called J.R.’s Fitness Centre but was originally called Physiques.
It’s ‘Old School’, no saunas or jacuzzis here please!



I use to go in and before I commenced training I’d put a cassette on which had the Rocky tunes on, it always started off with ‘Eye Of The Tiger’.
It wasn’t long before I was given the nickname ‘Rocky’.



I still train there, 26 years later, albeit with a little less enthusiasm. (And I’m still called Rocky).



And…tonight…I’m going to see the guy that has motivated me for over thirty years, they say never meet your heroes, hope I’m not disappointed!

Well, I finally got to see my hero. He was a bit late but worth it! He’s a great raconteur!

Personal Goals 2014

These are my goals for 2014:

Lose 50lbs.
Be in the best physical shape I can be.
Here I am circa 1991, not sure if I can get quite into this shape but I’m going to try my very best!


Photograph a minimum of 12 personally satisfying landscape images.
I’ve decided I’m not going to have any ‘clients’ – I’ll take photographs just to satisfy me, then pop them onto a web site, if they sell, they sell. If they don’t, then no loss. No more weddings and portraits. Too much pressure!


Turnover £1200 on Landscape image sales.
I’ll set up a Clikpic site or similar and see if any of my images sell! Simple!

Ascend 24 Birketts.
A Birkett is a fell over 300 metres in height in the English Lake District. Named after Bill Birkett who catalogued them. Here’s the chap himself who I photographed at Friars Crag, Derwentwater.


Read 12 books.
I love to read, both fact and fiction. I’m currently reading this…it’s heavy going 🙂


What are yours?


Received an email request recently from a young guy who wants to break into the modelling industry.


He asked if I could assist him put together some images for his portfolio.


I took him to the studio I use and we did a few shots.

He explained to me he’d been training at a gym for 3 months, and seeing his physique it was evident he was committed!

I decided to take him to a gym I occasionally train in – Old School!


We did a few images there…


I wish him all the luck for the future, he’s a great young man with ambition.
Follow your dream!



Fitness / Diet / Weight Goals

I used to be a keen ‘non-competitive’ bodybuilder in my twenties and thirties….

Then, like a lot of people, family and careers grab your focus….the training frequency reduced and the calorific intake increased…

Here I am, just turned 50, and, whilst still quite strong, I am quite (very) overweight.

I’m 5’6” and weigh 237lbs (16st 13lbs).

I’ve set myself a goal to be 12st 7lbs (175lbs) and will be using an iPhone app and to help me do this.

I’ll have a badge on this site tracking my weight loss…

Wish me luck ! (luck is for the ill prepared 🙂 )

Created by MyFitnessPal – Nutrition Facts For Foods

I’ve started taking Creatine – only tried it once before a few years ago and all I seemed to get then was kidney pains – yikes.

Anyway, I need a little boost so I’ll try it again and up the fluid intake.

Start eating really clean from Monday – no processed foods, mainly Eggs, Protein Shakes, Fish, Chicken, Rice, Pasta and vegetables.

Also going to start doing some Cardio – never been a great fan but it has to be done!

The Gym

Went to the gym yesterday and took a few snaps with the iPhone (beats concentrating on training!!!)