180 seconds

Some of you will I know I’m going through a divorce and have had to move out of the matrimonial home. I’d been moving stuff piecemeal (what I could get into the car) for weeks. From Bolton to Adlington, about 10 miles. One Saturday a few weeks back I was driving back from Adlington to Bolton on the A675. It was raining and dark. I noticed something on the road that looked like a massive piece of aluminium…as I got closer I realised it was a scooter on its side…

I slammed on…put the hazards on…at the same time traffic in the opposite direction was approaching…I flashed and flashed then got out of my car and jumped in front of the fallen scooter and waived my arms…

A lovely man coming in the opposite direction slammed on and put his hazards on.

I then rang 999 and asked for the ambulance and police.

I was asked by the emergency services a lot of questions. Were they conscious, was there any blood, did they have a pulse etc. I’m no medical professional so I tried to find out as much as I could. I went to the person and kept asking “you ok buddy? You ok buddy?” Nothing…I was literally sh*ting my pants when…

The person took a massive inhale of breath and grabbed my hand….fuck me, brilliant…

She hung on and on and on…(it turned out she was a young girl – she had a lot of biker gear on, plus helmet, it was dark etc.)

And I just thought…I’ve got you now…just hang on…

Shortly after an ambulance tech and the police showed up…

As far as I can ascertain the young lady was on the way to see her boyfriend when she came off her scooter.

Never under estimated 180 seconds of holding hands. Sometimes that’s all you have…

I still cry about it today. I thought I’d met a dead person. And motorists from either side were shouting at me to let them through.

What has happened to humanity?

The only kind person was the person in the car coming in the opposite direction he said to me “You’re a good man” and I simply thought…”who wouldn’t do this?”

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