Was never a big reader

At school the only book I was ‘forced’ to read was ‘Kes’ after that never read much at all until…

I met a girl who was an avid reader…first gift she ever gave me…

Now…I’m from Washington, Tyne & Wear and in those days Holden Caulfield was as far removed from me as President Carter. No idea who he was. What he represented. I just didn’t ‘get it’. But I persevered with it…

Then I got into Ian McEwan..,

Here was something I could understand a little bit better. Just the plot and emotion without the Americanisation.

So…here began my reading journey..,

That’s my ‘library’ now. 😳
I read all sorts now.

My daughter has started sending me books…we try to out read each other 😂😂😂

Amongst the books she had sent, she sent me this…it has a certain vernacular and rhythm much like ‘A Clockwork Orange’ – you have to keep at it…

Just watched ‘A Rebel In The Rye’ it was ok…a lot of the stuff I already knew…

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