I’m clumsy with words. I always have been and always will be, I’m no Shakespeare, JD Salinger or Virginia Woolf. That said my motives and intentions are pure…

We said goodbye to a much loved colleague this week. The grief comes in waves. It’s very very hard to imagine that if we ever get back into the office there’ll be an empty chair. He was only 37.

I watched his funeral on CCTV through pursed lips. Short small intakes and exhales – willing the whole thing to be over soon. That might sound a bit disingenuous but I hate funerals. I always have…although I accept my pain was magnified a million times for the family and friends.

He was a great guy. Funny. Friendly. The most inoffensive person you’d ever likely to meet. He’ll be missed. Greatly. He was probably physically about 5’9” but his character was 17’10”.

And..,you know how it is with IT. You’d have a problem and you’d just receive an answer of technobollocks. Basically people showing off their technical proficiency. That was never ever Mark. He’d sort you out. No muss. No fuss. Just got on with it. With humour…

My colleagues miss him ever so much. They’d all go out on a burger/kebab/pizza lunch once a week. I used to look forward to hear what food ‘contraption’ they’d come up with (as they all knew I’m quite conservative in my food choices).

He had an interest in photography which we shared. It was fantastic sharing ideas with him.

We’ll all miss you buddy. Ever so much. We’re all devastated.