Want to know why I hate the police…?

Ok. Let’s go back to about 1980. I had a Suzuki GT250. I used to meet up with other bikers at Washington services – about 20-30 of us. One night Northumbria Police goons rocked up and issued a dispersal order. As I was moving my bike a goon (sorry police officer) ‘backed into me’ knocking me over my bike. Damaging it. When my mates tried to help he drew his batton ordering them to get back and that I’d have to sort my my bike on my own. Total bully (there’s a theme here)

Let’s move forward…About 2005 – was meant to picking up a work colleague to travel to John Lennon airport as we had a seminar to attend in London…I took a wrong turning and ended up in a cul de sac – my exit was blocked by a GMP Police van. Some 18st caveman with his little blonde apprentice interrogated me…after 5-6 minutes of me explaining my situation and his hard on rescinding he ‘let me go this time’…

I was a victim of theft from Total Fitness. Despite CCTV. Credit card transaction trail etc. I was notified by @GMPPolice that they won’t be investigating the crime. I’m guessing because there was a bit of work to do, no girls to impress, and their tea was getting cold.

A gym colleague who’ll I’ll refer to as BW – in fairness was a decent bloke. Worked for GMP Traffic. I told him to get down Ulleswater Road in Bolton and that he’ll get his Ticket ratio in about 5 minutes. He said he’d be up to his neck in racist accusation paperwork for weeks. Two tier system?

The point I’m making. These people are not interested in ‘serving’. It’s about power, intimidation, getting off on wearing a uniform.

I met a girl in the 90’s in Bolton town centre. Turns out she was a divorcee. And…you’ve guessed it. A GMP Traffic Range Rover used to turn up at my house every night. Blues on…then he’d follow me to work, sometimes tailgating, sometimes on my left..,just looking into my car. I just used to give him the finger as it was clear the specky little prick wasn’t about to do anything useful…anyway, another gym colleague who’ll I’ll refer to as MD was in the TAG team of GMPolice. He warned him off.

My now wife works for a mental health charity. One day she was alerted that a care worker was barricaded into a bathroom by a client who had a knife. She alerted the cowardly, incompetent lazy GMP. Basically she was told she’d need to try and sort it out herself. I went with her to the project. She had to ring me, keep comms open so that I could intervene if things turned south. No girls to impress. Danger. They’re not interested folks.

A work colleague joined the Derbyshire force as a special constable and took no greater pleasure than sending in photos of him with his batton raised – he was a total lunatic. That’s how low the bar is folks.

Hired lunatic muscle. IQ of sloths and the manner of banshees…

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