Never work with animals and children…

They say never work with animals and children right? Which is fine unless your wife wants a photograph of our son and dog for her birthday…

Harry never ‘plays ball’, he can be quite a stubborn dog.

We took Harry on to the ‘Top Field’ (a field close to where we live). We let him run around to get him a bit tired…then let the photoshoot begin!

So..I got my son used to looking at the camera before we introduced Harry…

Frank and Harry-26

We then ‘caught’ Harry and my son tried to keep his attention…but Harry is too easily distracted by other people, dogs, birds or flies.

Frank and Harry-30

I got my son to lie down to try and get a shot of them both on the grass…

Frank and Harry-41

But no…Harry wasn’t having any of it and just got up and walked away…

Frank and Harry-46


I tried my best…


See Frank’s explanation here…

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