Here’s Harry…

We’d had Jack since 1999. He’d been a great dog, very loyal, friendly and ‘low maintenance’.


He’d been on many walks in the Lake District and Scotland, he just loved running around. Over the past 12 months he started to get mobility issues , in particular, his back legs became very weak making it difficult for him to stand or even get up after lying down.


One day he lay on his favourite rug and just vomited and toileted himself where he lay. Jack was taken to the vets, and we did the hardest, but kindest thing we could do for him.

Julie and I were upset, however my son was particularly distressed and sobbed for hours.
Initially we wanted a break from having a dog, however, seeing my son in the state he was in made us reconsider. I spoke to Frank about the responsibilities of owning a dog and said that any new puppy would be his.
Frank then came up with ‘The Pledge’.


After a series of machinations through Social Media, we were put in touch with someone who had puppies who were almost ready to be taken home. We went to the house to see these…


Frank, and ‘Harry’ fell instantly in love.
We arranged a pick up date two weeks after the initial viewing. That date could not come soon enough…Frank talked about Harry every day.
Anyway, the day finally came and we went to pick up puppy.


At first, as you would expect, puppy was a little cautious, however, within about an hour, he and my son started bonding.

Here are a few short videos of the little chap.



Now they are the best of pals. Harry is a lovely little dog, Frank says its like having a brother.


We’re looking forward to many walks ands family outdoor adventures for years to come!