Mummy’s working today

Mummy is working today, which means I’m looking after Frank.


He’s a lovely boy but can be demanding!


I guess I’ll be spending hours and hours in Tesco, Toys-R-Us and Smyths toys looking for more ‘Trash Packs’…


Then, when we get back home I’ll have to endure at least 3 viewings of ‘Octonauts’…


Wish me luck…

Redundancies and Unemployment

I think the U.K. is a little bit mad. We’re making thousands of soldiers redundant and paying others to sit on their backsides at home.
Why don’t we give unemployed 18-25 year olds the option of 2 years National Service or 2 years ‘Civil Service’ (filling in pot holes, picking up litter, taking care of the elderly etc.) Give them a slightly enhanced payment – tax payers get something for their money, the candidates gain work experience and life experience?
Please feel free to add your comments…

A photographic idea

I’m considering an idea. I occasionally get people asking how I take my images, what kit I use etc.

I’m considering a meet up in The Lakes, probably around Derwentwater with anyone who wants to improve their photography – it would suit those who are at the most basic level.

I’ll show you what kit I use. How I compose my images. I’ll discuss post processing etc.

I’ve not done this before, there will be no fee, quite informal.

Anyone interested?


If you are interested please fill in the form below:

I’d be hoping to do this on April 14th 2013.















If possible, bring a camera, (you won’t need a DSLR – any kind of camera will do), and a tripod…